New Consumer Protection Act from July 1, 2024: Upcoming changes for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores in Slovakia

30. 05. 2023

Overview of the key changes introduced by the new Consumer Protection Act, effective from July 1, 2024

When should businesses start preparing for the new Consumer Protection Act?

The new Consumer Protection Act is currently undergoing the legislative process and will most likely come into effect on July 1, 2024, without any transition period. Therefore, it is recommended to align all general terms and conditions, claim procedures, various forms, and notifications for the Slovak consumers with the new legislation as soon as possible.

What are the main changes introduced by the new Consumer Protection Act as of July 1, 2024?

The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic has prepared a new law on consumer protection, which will have a significant impact on customers, businesses, and regulatory authorities.

The new act aims to modernize consumer legislation and, according to the ministry, ensure a fairer arrangement of relations between consumers and traders.

The proposed law strengthens the position of consumers in various areas while relieving traders of obligations that impose excessive regulatory burdens without providing real benefits to consumers.

The most significant changes, which will take effect on July 1, 2024, are as follows:

  • Modified Deadlines: Certain deadlines have been altered, such as the deadline for withdrawing from a contract entered into during specific sales promotions.
  • Updated Information Requirements: The Act updates the information requirements for distance or off-premises contracts, taking into account the impact of digitization.
  • New Forms: The Act introduces new forms to be used by the trades to ensure enhanced consumer protection.
  • Stricter Marketing Rules: Stricter marketing rules are introduced, particularly concerning dual-quality products across multiple EU countries.
  • Specific Conditions for Discounts: The Act establishes specific conditions for providing information on discounts, including those related to promotions like Black Friday.
  • Reporting Reviews and Product Rankings: The Act sets specific conditions for reporting reviews and product rankings.
  • Remedies for Aggrieved Consumers: The Act provides remedies for consumers who have been subjected to unfair commercial practices by traders.

How is the imposition of sanctions changing under the new Consumer Protection Act as of July 1, 2024?

The new Consumer Protection Act introduces a second chance mechanism, which entails providing more opportunities for waiving or reducing sanctions in cases where traders voluntarily cease infringing the law and take corrective actions to benefit injured consumers.

The Consumer Protection Act also incorporates new principles for imposing sanctions, aiming to avoid the imposition of fixed fines. Instead, the fine rates are determined as a percentage of the trader's turnover, ensuring a fairer and more proportionate approach to sanctioning.

This change will have a particularly positive impact on small and medium-sized enterprises.

How can we assist you in preparing for the implementation of the new Consumer Protection Act?

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