About Us

About Us

We are a modern law firm with offices in Bratislava and Prague, providing legal services throughout the European Union in close collaboration with our foreign partners from TEN - The European Network of Law Firms. We proudly deliver comprehensive legal services from 2017.

Our team possesses extensive experience and expertise in many areas of the law with critical importance to the business and public sectors alike. Our main areas of expertise include in particular commercial and civil law, labour law, business regulation, real property law, intellectual property law and IT law, including licences or personal data protection.

Services we provide to our clients on a routine basis include general legal advice, preparation of legal analyses and memorandums, drafting and revision of contracts, safekeeping of assets and documents, performance of any and all acts required for changes in business companies, and their registration in relevant public registers. Our expertise extends also to areas such as assets-related transactions (M&A), liquidation of companies, representing clients in judicial and arbitration proceedings and much more.

We provide our services mainly to corporate clients in the Slovak, Czech and English languages.



Below, we show a list of clients who relied on our services and consented to the disclosure of their identities.


Construction company


Tobacco company

Be Lenka

Babywearing apparels and barefoot shoes


Film and television production


Data analytics studio


E-shop designers

Dream Dental Clinic

Dental clinic


Full-service video production


Travel agency

Imeso group

Food and beverage equipment


Cycling apparel


Real estate advertising

Klinika zdravia

Medical center


Internet of things solutions


Online marketing


On-line magazine


Price comparison website


Shading systems and constructions


Spa and wellness stays


Welding equipment


Farm foods delivery service


Graphics and online marketing

Účtovná jednotka

Accounting and tax consultancy


Entrepreneurship association


Entrepreneurship association

Time Bicycles Europe

Carbon bikes production




IT services



Who are your typical clients?
We provide our services to entities requiring reliable solutions to their legal matters and issues. Services required by clients can range from companies’ internal departments to multinational (corporate) level. Other recipients of our services include start-up businesses and also individuals. In each case, the only difference is the extent of needs of individual clients. No matter what, we always do our very best to understand our clients and to adapt to their needs.
Who's on your team?
Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced collaborating lawyers, junior lawyers and law office assistants. Each member of the team specializes in a specific legal area, focusing on the assigned clients.
Can you help me also where tax and accounting-related matters, or cases with international element are concerned?
Indeed, our law firm always strives to provide clients with comprehensive solutions. To this end, we involve both in-house or external expertise and foreign partner law offices. Thus, clients do not need to spend resources on identificating and approaching a number of different entities to deal with a single case.
In what languages are you able to process your deliverables?
As a matter of standard, our law office provides its services, i.e. drafts or reviews agreements, legal positions or submissions to a variety of courts or public authorities in the Slovak, Czech and English languages. Where a deliverable needs to be translated into another language, we are able to involve one of our trusted partner translators.
Is it necessary to send the required underlying documentation by post and to meet with you in person?
In certain cases, authentication of documents or personal meetings are advisable or even mandatory by operation of law. However, the majority of communication with clients can be accomplished over the telephone, by e-emails, through secured cloud solutions and other communication tools, such as Skype or MS Teams.
How fast will you be able to help me?
Depending on the complexity of a case a client approaches us with, preparations may take us several days. In exceptional situations, we are able to respond promptly also on non-business days.
How much will your assistance cost me?
As a rule, we charge our standard hourly fees from 70 to 90 euros, exclusive of VAT. <br> If a client so prefers, we can apply our capacities also for a pre-agreed flat monthly fee, while a success fee depending on the value of the particular dispute can also be suggested.
Are my sensitive information and documents protected?
Each lawyer is obliged by law to maintain confidentiality about all the facts of which he/she becomes aware during the provision of legal services. Documents or email communication with the client are thoroughly secured against loss or unauthorized manipulation.
Is your law firm covered by professional liability insurance?
Indeed, our law office is covered by a professional liability insurance up to EUR 500,000.


If you would like to receive more information on our services, do not hesitate to contact us either through this form, or any of the communication channels listed below.

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